Water based sessions

Water is a fantastic tool to use for resistance/strengthening aimed at improving tone, strength and mobility. The main advantage of exercising in water is that it offers resistance in all directions, compared to land exercises where you work only against gravity. Because of the cushioning effect that water provides, this form of exercise is particularly beneficial to anyone at risk from bodily stress, including the elderly, overweight, or those recovering from soft tissue injury. It's also particularly good for pregnant women and is an ideal post-natal exercise. Its benefits include: Core Stability and Balance Core stability training involves exercises that activate the deep trunk muscles with the aim of improving posture, both at rest and during activity. Whilst balance training is used to develop proprioception and co-ordination. Together, they will not only help you move more gracefully, but will also help with injury prevention from sprains and muscle strains.

Older Adults and Special populations

Anybody can exercise, whatever their age or condition a gentle intensity programme can be tailored to help people that may be:

1. Those recovering from a major illness such as a heart attack or stroke
2. People who have limited or no mobility in some or all joints
3. People who are clinically obese or who have never exercised

Stretch and Relaxation

Sessions to stretch the various muscle groups, especially the ones that have just been used, to reduce muscular soreness. Flexibility training also helps reduce muscular tension; reduces risk of injury to joints, muscles, and tendons; develops body awareness; increases suppleness; and can help with physical and mental relaxation